With over 43 years of experience in Mu Dong Kung Fu,
 Sifu Carl Della Vella stresses the importance of forms and chi gung cultivation in relation to practical applications in real life situations.
We are a family of martial art schools, teaching Mu Dong Kung Fu as taught to us by the legendary Grandmaster Sam Wong of Toronto, Canada, founder of Mudong Kung Fu in Canada and the United States of America.
 Our style involves two philosophies of development. The external element includes forms, development of the physical body through strengthening and coordination of mind and body and the art of self defense. The internal element involves nui gung, development of the body's internal energy pathways through supervised exercises, in conjunction with the mastering of specific forms at the appropriate stages of one's development in the art.Our chief instructors are qualified graduates of Mudong Kung Fu bestowed upon them by Grandmaster Sam Wong.

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