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Mudong Kung Fu is the traditional Taoist martial art originating from China many thousands of years past. Mudong also known as Wudang, refers to the mountain regions of Hubei province, where the original Taoist temples were first constructed. Mudong Kung Fu is one of the oldest snake styles of the martial arts.

  Wudang Mountain is located in the heart of mainland China's Hubei Province, South West of Shiyan City, known to the local people as Xuanyue Mountain. This mystical place is considered one of China's most cherished martial treasures. Known as the center of Taoist culture & study, Wudang Mountain is the birthplace of the Wudang school of Kungfu, a style that is known for focus on the internal practice in addition to physical movement.

  Mudong Kung fu is the combination of both Snake and Water styles. This fighting style of tai chi was kept secret in the temples by the taoist monks.

  Snake is one of the archetypal Five Animals of Chinese martial arts; the other four being Craine, Tiger, Leopard, and Dragon. These five animals originally represented the five classical Chinese elements before developing into their own styles. Snake is usually Earth, Tiger is Fire, Crane is Metal, Dragon is Water, and Leopard is Wood. Since they were derived from the Five Elements, they are kept in this pattern. At this point many styles delve into more advanced animal training or actual element training. The Taoist temples of the Wudang Mountians were known to have produced many snake stylists.

  The Snake style of Mudong kungfu requires great flexibility of the spine, hips, rib cartilage and internal muscles of the abdomen and upper thoracic ribs and back. The movements of the snake style moves the center of gravity using ‘core’ muscles sending powerful jin through the spine to the strike. Since breath is important to any movement of the spine and ribs, snake style is considered one of the main styles which eventually led to internal training.

  Snake style is also known as an approach to weapons training, the Chinese straight sword and spear in particular. There are even specialty varieties of sword blades and spear points that curve back and forth down the length of the blade in imitation of the snake's body known as snake sword and snake spear.

  Snake Style generally aims for weak points of the human body, such as eyes, groin and joints.This internal style of kung fu ranks the highest level of expertise within the family of Chinese martial arts. It is the very trunk from which other martial arts have evolved.

  Water Style is one of the major internal style martial arts. It originally passed down from generation to generation only to a handful of gifted and chosen students with exemplary courage and moral character. Six Harmonies and Eight Principles. It utilizes the power of Xingyi as its center, utilizes the stepping patterns of Bagua for its turning and spinning, and utilizes the neutralizing power of Taiji for its variations. Its movements are sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. These movements resemble that of floating clouds, and flowing water that is sometimes calm, sometimes surging. The movements are constantly fluctuating with clearly defined forward, backward, upward, downward, and lateral motions. Each and every movement is lead by the mind(xinyi),. The mind initiates and the movements follow. As an internal art, it not only serves as a system of self defence; it also benefits health, strengthens the body, dispels sickness and increases longevity.

  We are a family of martial art schools, teaching Mu Dong Kung Fu as taught to us by the legendary Grandmaster Sam Wong of Toronto, Canada, founder of Mudong Kung Fu in Canada and the United States of America.
  Our style involves two philosophies of development. The external element includes forms, development of the physical body through strengthening and coordination of mind and body and the art of self defense. The internal element involves nui gung, development of the body's internal energy pathways through supervised exercises, in conjunction with the mastering of specific forms at the appropriate stages of one's development in the art.Our chief instructors are qualified graduates of Mudong Kung Fu bestowed upon them by Grandmaster Sam Wong.

  The external element of Mudong Kung Fu includes the traditional forms passed down to us by Grandmaster Sam Wong as taught to him by Taoist Monk Ching Wan of Hubei, China. Thousands of years ago, monks of the Mudong Temples were training in these very forms as performed today by our students.There are many exercises that we teach in order to improve one's health, strength, coordination and overall well-being. Our program is only complete with both internal and external elements of Mudong Kung Fu mastered.

  The internal element of Mudong Kung Fu involves the conditioning of one's nui gung to develop the body and mind in handling super human tasks with no harm to the practitioner. We share with chosen disciples, the secret conditioning exercises that the Taoist monks kept so well-closed from the outside world. These sacred and secretive conditioning exercises have been handed down to a selected few practitioners of Wong Gar Mudong Kung Fu by Grandmaster Sam Wong.Demonstration of good moral character as well as dedication, seriousness and ability to master the art, are a few factors we consider when choosing nui gong students.

 Beginner Forms:

  1 Short form - Wind shaped fist
  2 Two Man Sparring - Leung Yan Doi Jeu
  3 Shadow Fist - Yum Yung Kuen
  4 Destruction Fist- Sat Kuen

     Intermediate Forms:

  5 Windy Dragon Fist - Loong Fung Kuen
  6 Fierce Grabbing Fist - Fok La Kuen
  7 Phoenix Claw - Fung Wong Jow
  8 Demon Conquering - Fok Mor Kuen
  9 Fierce Conquering - Fok Kong Kuen

     Advanced Intermediate Forms:

  10 Defending Attack Fist - Jong Bai Kuen
  11 Six Attacking Fist - Luk Gup Kuen
  12 Lively Shadow Fist - Sung Yum Kuen
  13 Palm And Fist - Jueng Kuen
   Advanced Forms:

  14 Northern Tiger Paw - Bak Fu Jow
  15 Iron Fist - Te Bo Kuen
  16 Thunder Wind Fist - Lui Fung Jeung
  17 Thunder Wind Palm - Lue Fung Jeung
  18 Yin And Yang Fist - Yin Yang Kuen
  19 One Thousand Fist - Chien Kuen
  20 Five Animal Fist - Mm Sow Kuen
  21 Southern Tiger Paw - Lum Fu Jow
  22 Fist Of Wong - Wong Gar Kuen
  28 Wong Family Form - Wong Gar Kuen
  29 Internal Power Form - Nui Gung Kuen
  30 Fist Of The Emperor - Wong Dy Kuen

     Mudong Weapon Forms:

     Sword, Staff, Bow
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